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September Newsletter

Dear Friends & Prayer Warriors,

 Some months for us, we would consider as a month of Revivals.  But September for us this year was a month of birthdays.  Caleb celebrated his birthday on September 17, my Dad celebrated his on the 21st and Becky celebrated hers on the 22nd.  Caleb turned 13, my Dad turned 79 and Becky turned....well that’s a mystery to us all. :)  Nevertheless, we had a great time celebrating another year with them, and we were able to squeeze in a Revival and a Homecoming at two churches.
 On September 11-14, we led in worship at Poplar Flat Baptist Church in Louisville, MS for their revival.  Their pastor, Bro. Jonathan Peeples, invited us to be with them once again.  This was our third or fourth revival at Poplar Flat.  The guest speaker for the week was Bro. Tommy Jones.  Bro. Tommy is a retired pastor from the Louisville area.  He did a wonderful breaking the bread of life to us that week.  We had a wonderful time reacquainting ourselves with the two wonderful men of God and their precious wives.  The sweet folks of Poplar Flat are always very kind to us.
 September 18, we were at Artesia Baptist Church in Artesia, MS for their Homecoming service.  We led the worship portion of the service and Bro. Ben Yarber brought the message.  Bro. Jeff Morgan is the pastor at Artesia.  We enjoyed some sweet fellowship with the folks there as we took part in a delicious meal after the service.  It was a joy getting to see Bro. Jeff and Bro. Ben once again.
 Of course, all the other September Sundays we were at our home church Kilmichael Baptist.  We are really enjoying our new pastor, Bro. David Sartin and his sweet wife, Lisa.  They have really embraced our ministry and understand that there are times that the Lord might have us somewhere else.
 As I mentioned earlier, birthdays were a hot topic this month.  Caleb celebrated his, high on the horse.  That’s right, horse.  Wade Henson, from our church, allowed Caleb and two of his friends to have a couple of hours of ride time on three of his horses at his ranch in Kilmichael, MS.  I think Caleb’s friends were a little sore after the ride, but they all had a great time.  Christian, Chloe, Caris and even this old man rode a little. 
 We went by and saw my Dad on his birthday, sang to him, presented him with cards and had made gifts from the kids.  Caleb even played him a few songs on his fiddle.
 We took Becky to the Veranda for lunch on her birthday.  Unfortunately, she had to teach piano lessons that afternoon.  So we waited to give her her gifts later that night.  The boys gave her a new purse and the girls made her some sweet handmade gifts from the heart.
 As you can see on the calendar, October is filled with ministry events every week.  Please keep us in your prayers as we will be on the road a lot.  Pray that the Lord will use us like never before to bring Him glory and honor and that we will see a mighty move of His Holy Spirit.  May Jesus continue to bless you as you seek His face.  We Love You!

    In His Service,
    Steve & Becky Carver

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