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October Newsletter 2023

Dear Friends & Prayer Warriors,

     We entered the month of October with two revivals and one single night event. What a joy to see churches get back into having revivals again.

     We were in Holcomb, MS on October 8-11 at Holcomb Baptist Church for a revival service with Bro. Randy Bridges.  Their pastor, Bro. David Haggerty, invited us to lead the worship portion of the services.  There was a sweet fellowship at Holcomb Baptist and the messages the Bro. Randy brought were just what I needed to hear.

     October 15-18, we were near Ackerman, MS at Providence Baptist Church.  They were without a pastor, but they really wanted to have a revival this year in spite of that.  The guest speaker for the week was Bro. Bruce Crosby.  It was a joy getting to know Bro. Bruce and his wife, Cathy.

     October was also another birthday month...mine! On October 23, Becky and I celebrated with a motorcycle ride down the Natchez Trace.  It was the perfect for a motorcycle ride.

     We led worship at Building 389 near McCarley, MS where Mike & Angelia Rozier have a worship and preaching outreach service for those in their community.  Mike invited Bro. David Westmoreland to preach the message that night.

    In His Service,
  Steve & Becky Carver

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