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May Newsletter 2023

Dear Friends & Prayer Warriors,

    May was a bit slow for us ministry wise.  However, May is always busy in our personal lives.  With Mother’s Day and all of Becky’s piano recitals, the month seems to always be full of activities. Becky had three separate recitals for her students, May 20, 23 & 25.  On May 26, I headed out with Christian, my oldest son, and three other motorcyclists for our annual Memorial Day weekend ride.  We went to the Smoky mountains and were having a great time up until…. On May 27, I had a little motorcycle mishap on the tail of the dragon. Some would say, "I got bit by the dragon!"  I was only doing 20 mph when I ended up to close to the edge of the road and fixated on the ditch.  And as any motorcyclist will tell you, "Where you look is where you'll go!"  So I ended up in the ditch and tried to ride it out.  Dumb mistake on my part.  I ended up breaking the fibula right above my left ankle when my foot came off the peg and I’m having surgery on it June 8. I also have a broken rib on my right side. Getting around very slowly at the moment. Also in a lot of pain. Your prayers are much appreciated. Please pray that the surgery goes well and the recovery is quick. No income coming in with me not being able to work. 😬   They are saying it could be a minimum of two months before I can get back to work. Please pray that God will provide in an amazing way. Not really sure how we are going to pay for all of this but He is our provider! Please share this with any and all of your prayer warriors. Thank you so much.

    In His Service,
  Steve & Becky Carver

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