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March Newsletter

Dear Friends & Prayer Warriors,

    Praising God from Whom all blessings flow!!  March was a busy month for us  with our regular duties at our home church, along with extra choir practices as we get ready for our Easter cantata and the one revival we had that month.  We’ve been on the go.
    The only revival we had for the month of March was at Mount Moriah Baptist Church near Weir, MS on 19th - 22nd.  This was our fifth or sixth opportunity to be with the sweet folks there.  Our dear evangelist friend, Bro. Wayne Hudson, preached the revival.  It is always a pleasure working with him and hearing him preach.  He is so anointed by the Lord.  Be in prayer for Mount Moriah as they search for a new pastor.  Their current pastor, Bro. Jim Garner, is retiring this month.  He and his wife, Cherri,  will be greatly missed.  We were surprised one night during the revival to see one of our former worship leaders, Marshall Trasher.  It was so good to see him and catch up on old times.
    One additional ministry opportunity came to our oldest child, Christian.  The man who typically fills in for us at Kilmichael Baptist wasn’t able to because of the flu and strep.  So Christian stepped up to the plate and led the worship services on March 19.  He apparently did such a good job, we had several tell us that we may be out of a job.  We are so proud of him.  He truly has a passion for music.  In fact, we are looking at sending Caleb and him to Camp Electric in Nashville this summer.  We are also looking into another music camp if we can financially swing it.  Christian sent out a letter to pastors and worship leaders to see if they would be interested in having them present a concert at their church.  He wanted me to include his letter in this one in case any of you might know of a church that might be interested.  Here is what Christian wrote:

Dear Pastor/Worship leader,
My name is Christian Carver. I am the son of Steve and Becky Carver, Music evangelists of One Way Ministries. I am writing you this letter to let you know of a great opportunity that my brother and two sisters would like to be a part of by attending two different Christian music camps this summer. We are wanting to raise the money ourselves by presenting concerts at different churches. Our parents said that they would somehow make it happen, but we would really like to help out and present concerts at churches for a love offering to help cut the expense down for our parents. I truly believe that the Lord wants me to use the talents He has given me to honor Him through some type of music ministry. I also believe that He wants me to be totally prepared when I step out on faith for Him. I am praying that my brother and sisters will have the desire like me to minister for the Lord as well. We would be available for Saturday or Sunday evening concerts. Please pray with us in this manner and if you are interested in having us present a concert at your church, give my dad a call on his cell phone (662) 312-0836. We will be scheduling concerts through the end of May.
Thank You,
Christian Carver

     Please continue to keep us in your prayers and pray for our choir as we continue to prepare for the Easter cantata.  God Bless.

    In His Service,
    Steve & Becky Carver

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