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June-July Newsletter 2023

Dear Friends & Prayer Warriors,

    We only had one revival in June.  Fortunately, it was only one mile from our house but it was prior to the surgery on my ankle.  Our oldest son, Christian, was a big help in getting the equipment set up and taken down since I was in no condition to do it myself.  Bro. Charles White, pastor of Spring Valley Baptist Church, invited us to lead the music portion of their revival on June 4-7.  Clifton Abbott is their worship leader.  The guest speaker was Bro. Benny Hatfield.  We had a good time with the sweet folks at Spring Valley.  The next day, June 8, I went in for surgery on my leg.  The doctor said everything went better than expected.  Thank you to all who were praying.  For the next month and a half, I found myself immobilized and in a complete dependency on the Lord and my family.  With no income from work, it was amazing to see the Lord provide through so many people and churches who heard of our need.  The Lord reminded me through this trying time that He is our provider no matter what. 

    We had the privilege to be a part of a special day for Caleb, our second son.  On June 16, John Deere and Stribling Equipment merged with the Diesel Tech Program at Hinds Community College.  Caleb started the Diesel Tech school back in March of this year.  We were able to attend this special event along with Caleb's girlfriend, Meagan Morgan.  Caleb signed with John Deere to work for them full time following his graduation from the program next May 2024.  Caleb currently has a 4.0 GPA in the program.

    Also on June 16, we received an email from Mississippi State University stating that Christian, our oldest, was on the President's list for the Spring of 2023.  He is majoring in computer science and that alone is quite a feat to make the president's list.  But he is also working the equivalent of two full time jobs.  He is working with Redwood Roofing in Starkville and running his own lawn care business called Strypes Lawn Maintenance.  So very proud of both of our boys and their great accomplishments. 

    On June 20, we provided the worship for celebrate recovery at Meadowview Baptist Church in Starkville, MS.


    July was a continued month of recovery for me.  Becky and the girls, however, enjoyed a week in Murray, KY at the Charles Novell School of Music held at Murray State University campus.  This is a week long music school that Becky has been teaching at for about 19 years.  This year it was held on July 16-22.   One of the new staff members was photographer Devin Ramon from Michigan.  He took many pictures that week and some of the pictures were of our girls and their friends there.  June & July was a time of soul searching and drawing closer to the Lord for me.  He proved to me in such an amazing way on how He will always provide for our every need.

    Please continue to pray for us as we head into a somewhat busy fall schedule.

    In His Service,
  Steve & Becky Carver

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