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2021-2022 Newsletter

Dear Friends & Prayer Warriors,

     My deepest apologies to those of you who have been so faithful to keep up with One Way Ministries over the years especially to those who continually pray for us and financially support our ministry.  It would be an understatement for me to merely say that I dropped the ball on keeping our website up and sending out monthly newsletters.  The last two years have just been a whirlwind for my family and me.  So much has happened, and it would be a book if I put everything in this newsletter to tell what all had happened so I will give you the Cliff Notes version.  I guess it’s been almost 2 years since my last newsletter.  It is so hard to believe. So here goes…


     On June 30, 2021, I retired from Mississippi State University Television Center.  Life has been less stressful over the last year and a half.  I do have a little sideline job that helps out with enough money for groceries and gas, and the hours are super flexible giving us plenty of opportunities for ministry events.  Speaking of ministry events, we probably saw one of our busiest summer and fall schedules in 2021 that we have seen in a very long time.  On July 11–15, 2021, we led the worship at Harmony Baptist Church near Nanih Waiya, MS.  The guest speaker was Evangelist Don Savell.  Bro. Jerry Lundy is the pastor at Harmony.  The following week, July 18-21, were we at McCool Baptist Church with Evangelist Wayne Hudson.

     August 1-4 we provided music for New Haven Baptist Church revival.  Bro. Derek May had different speakers for the services.  We led worship on August 22-25 at Calvary Baptist Church near Coffeeville, MS where Bro. Elbert McKnight pastors.  The guest speaker that week was Bro. Mike Slay.  August 29-September 1 we were in revival at First Baptist Church Winona, MS.  Bro. Jay Anderson, pastor, had Dr. Jerry Mixon preach the services.

     We then traveled down to Andalusia, AL to Hopewell Baptist Church where Bro. Melvin Mordecai preached the services September 12-15.  Bro. Barry Wilkinson is the pastor there.  On September 19-22, we were at Becker Baptist Church in Becker MS.  Bro. Jason Green invited Evangelist Wayne Hudson to speak.  On September 26 we were a part of Calvary Baptist Church’s one day revival in West Point, MS.  Dr. Joe Wiggins, pastor, invited Dr. Lee Brand to speak that day.  September 27-29 we joined in at New Hope Baptist Church in Kosciusko for their revival that started on the 26th.  Greg McDougal from Nashville, TN preached the messages.  Bro. Terrell Mayo was New Hope’s pastor.

     The following week, October 3-6, we were at our annual revival services at New Montpelier Baptist Church.  Bro. Jerry King is their pastor.  Evangelist Wayne Hudson preached.  Pine Forest Baptist Church near Stewart, MS, invited us to lead worship at their revival October 10-13.  On October 24–27, we lead worship at Fellowship Baptist Church in Bellefontaine, MS.  Bro. Josh Bingham is their pastor.  He had Evangelist Scott McDowell preach the messages.

     Our final event for 2021 was back at New Montpelier Baptist Church for their family Christmas banquet on December 19. 

     In 2022 we began at Corinth Baptist Church in Purvis, MS on February 27-March 2.  This was our annual revival with Bro. Scott McDowell, evangelist out of Jena, LA.  Bro. Brad Ford is the pastor at Corinth.  March 27-31 we lead worship at Calvary Baptist in Louisville, MS where Bro. Johnny Collins pastors.  The evangelist for the week was Bro. Randall Creel.  We presented a concert at a Campers on Mission near Kosciusko, MS event on April 7.  Then on Easter Sunday, April 17, we led worship at Antioch Baptist church near Sturgis, MS where Bro. Melvin Mordecai pastors. 

     One big event that took place in the month of May was the graduation of our second son, Caleb Carver, from High School.  He is planning to start diesel technician academy in the Spring of 2023.  We are so very proud of him and his accomplishments.

     Our next revival was in our home town of Mathiston, MS at Spring Valley Baptist Church on June 12-15. 

     On August 21-24, we led worship for Calvary Baptist Church’s revival in Coffeeville, MS.  Bro. Elbert McKnight invited Bro. Jerry King to bring the messages.  We then went to First Baptist Church, Winona, MS for their revival the following week, August 28-31.  Bro. Jay Anderson pastors there and had Bro. Gene Neal preach that week. 

     In September, we had two events.  The first was a revival at First Baptist Church in Eupora, MS on September 12-14.  The guest speaker was Bro. Vic Bowman.  Bro. Travis Gray is the pastor there.  Their worship leader, John Herring, invited us to be there.  On September 24, we provided the music for a marriage enrichment at Hebron Baptist Church near Vaiden, MS. 

     October 9, we led worship at First Baptist in Houston, MS for their Awesome October Sundays.  Dr. Ronald Meeks is their interim pastor at the moment.  Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in West Point, MS, Dr. Joe Wiggins, invited us to be a part of their weekend revival October 15-16.  The guest speaker was Dr. Chuck Kelly.  October 17-19, we were at River Bend Baptist church in Aberdeen, MS to finish up their revival.  Their worship leader, Lynn Pigford, invited us.  The speakers for the nights we were there were David Haynes, Chester Harrison and John Pace.  We finished out the month of October back at First Baptist in Houston, MS with Dr. Kenny Digby speaking. 

      November 6, we led worship at Laurel Hill Baptist church near Philadelphia, MS for their Harvest Revival.  Evangelist Randall Creel brought the messages.  Bro. John Sharp is their pastor.  Later that evening we traveled to Becker, MS to be a part of Becker Baptist Church’s revival.  Bro. Charles Smith presented the gospel that week.  Bro. Jason Green pastors there. 

     On November 27 through the end of 2022, we led worship at Morgan Chapel Baptist Church near Sturgis, MS while they search for a new worship leader.  Their new pastor is Bro. Brandon Powell.  While some churches chose not to have services on Christmas Day, Morgan Chapel did, and there was one young man who accepted Jesus as his Lord and personal Savior. What an exciting day!

     So that is 2021 and 2022 in a nutshell.  So thankful for the opportunities the Lord allowed us to have during that time.  Looking forward to seeing what the Lord is going to do in 2023. 

    In His Service,
  Steve & Becky Carver

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