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August Newsletter

Dear Friends & Prayer Warriors,

     I write this newsletter along side the hospital bed of my father.  He was admitted to the Eupora Hospital last night with an extreme Urinary Tract Infection.  Praise the Lord he is doing much better today.  He is resting well today.  He was in a lot of pain last night but no pain today.  Praise the Lord!  The month of August was a little slow for us with outside ministry events aside from our church.  We were only away from our church one Sunday but had two events. 

     Our first engagement was a concert at Central Hills Baptist Retreat for the Campers on Mission event.  Bro. Dickie Bryan invited us to be a part of their worship service on August 12.  We had a wonderful time with the folks there.  This was our third time to present a concert at Campers on Mission.

     The following day, August 13, we had a joint birthday party for all of our kids where they could invite all of their friends to Skate Odyssey in Starkville for a private two hour session.  We probably had around 40 people in attendance.  It was so much fun!!  I believe the kids are all in agreement that that should be an annual event.

     On August 28-31, we provided the worship portion of the revival services at Doty Springs Baptist Church near Ethel, MS.  Bro. Tony Fortenberry is the pastor there.  Bro. Wayne Hudson was the guest evangelist who preached the messages.  It is always a joy to work with Bro. Wayne.  We enjoyed some sweet fellowship with the people of Doty Springs.

     Please keep us in your prayers as our Fall begins to really pick up.  As you can see on our calendar, we are about to get real busy with the ministry.  Please pray for Becky as she continues to homeschool our four children.  She is doing a wonderful job, but it is quite stressful for her at times.  I am doing what I can to help, but it’s not as much as I wish I could do.  I am taking on the task of teaching Christian Spanish this year.  Hopefully what I did learn in college will come back to me.  She starts back with piano lessons September 1.  Thank you so much for your prayers and support.  We Love You!

    In His Service,
    Steve & Becky Carver

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